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Malodorous socks, breathing regulator and suit rented during holiday, neoprene polluted by mold spores from contaminated water in the industrial environments...


There are a variety of reasons and opportunities that allow us to think about our safety awareness in diving. In particular, where it concerns with cleaning and disinfection but this is often underestimated. However, performing thorough cleaning and disinfection regularly does not only apply to users of borrowed equipment, but also those owners of their own equipment


We often encounter that owners of their own gear have the argument that cleaning and disinfection is not necessary because it is ultimately their personal equipment. Actually, at first that sounds like quite a conclusive argument. However, caution is not taken to the fact that even one’s own bacteria can quickly multiply, including out-of-water conditions given that pollution and climate can have impact on equipment. This in turn can detrimentally affect the preservation and the life of the equipment. If you consider that efforts made towards the preservation of diving equipment add up to a long-term capital, the cost of cleaning and disinfection thus result in a favorable ratio.


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