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Why the need for hygiene in diving equipment?


With our EW80 products specially developed for respiratory protection and the conservation and maintenance of expensive equipment, you, as a diver, are on the hygienically safe side. Every diver wants to exercise his profession and/or sport carefree and without the risk of infection.


Up to now, there have been cleaning and disinfection regulations which apply only to professional divers. However, privately-owned, and especially the constantly transferred rented equipment, poses unseen dangers if it is not hygienically processed after each use and each user.


A scenario of instantaneous contagion in the age of salmonella, TB, hepatitis, gastrointestinal infections, otitis media, HIV etc. need not be described. All it takes is the initial disgust-inducing act of biting into used-by-other mouthpieces and drawing suits onto the skin after having been intimately wetted by the predecessor. Even the intense "flushing in salt water" is useless there.



How to achieve total hygiene?


After each use, both privately-owned and specially borrowed equipment need to be cleaned thoroughly and then disinfected. Solutions, specially developed for these materials, make ensuring hygienic equipment in a few minutes an effortless task.



With what is total hygiene obtained?


For decades, EW80 has been successfully used by firefighters, police, military, mining, and waste management companies. This has resulted in our technological expertise.


With the EW80 compounds you are always on the hygienically safe side! After cleaning with EW80 clean and subsequently disinfecting with EW80 des, you will be effectively protected from unwelcome infection by the equipment. This treatment is easily and rapidly applied.


And the special thing about it: Since the EW80 can effectively disinfect with only 1%, the entire process will also be carried out inexpensively.


The disinfecting effect of the EW80 des has been tested and proven by the DGHM- German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology, the certification body for disinfectants.


In addition, because of the material compatibility testing by a recognized institute, you have the certainty that your equipment will not be contaminated and its function will not be affected, since it is a certified compound. EU-Safety Data Sheets are available.

EW80 des has been released or recommended also by leading diving equipment manufacturers (see References).



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