How was the EW 80 Systeme GmbH established?


The company was founded in 1948, during the post-war period, as a manufacturer of cleaning products for the burgeoning industry of the Ruhr area.  Our even now privately- family-owned and independent company has been progressively specializing more and more on the specific issues relating to human skin.


The development of gentle skin cleansers was logically followed by skin disinfection products. Based on this background, in 1970, we were granted a research contract for the development of a special cleaning agent for respiratory protective equipment for the fire department. The result is our EU-wide known special cleaner EW80 clean. With the additional development of the disinfectant EW80 des we were able to establish a leading sanitation system for the treatment of respiratory protective equipment in the market.


Today our EW80 products are used on land, in air and at sea by firefighters, police, military, waste disposal, industrial, etc. - wherever health-related hygienic equipment is concerned- and thus also in the professional and private diving sector.

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