EW80 des


EW80 des a compound for the disinfection of technical equipment made ​​of metal, plastic, rubber, neoprene, and many more. Besides even in low dosage extremely efficient disinfecting effect, we have added in developing EW80 des of the greatest attention to the environmental and material-saving efficacy of the product value.

EW80 des ready-to-use solution


EW80 des ready-to-use solution needs no preparation for the disinfection of technical equipment made of metal, plastic, rubber or neoprene. Our ready-to-use solution is the ideal complement for all EW80 products. Among other examples, its flexible transport, light baggage during holiday travels, may be highlighted. As in the development of the EW80 des ready-to-use solution, our greatest attention has been given to the environmental friendliness and material-saving efficacy of the product value.    

EW80 clean


EW80 clean is a compound for the purification of technical equipment. In the creation of EW80 clean, particular emphasis was made on its biodegradability, skin and mucous membrane compatibility and surface protection of materials. In combination with our disinfectant EW80 des, it’s the makings of a winning team!    

EW80 klarpilot


The EW80 klarpilot is the perfect accessory for diving goggles, helmets and prescription glasses with its 3-fold effect: effective de-mister, intensive anti-static and hygienic protection. So you can keep an overview even under water!

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