EW80 clean

The special cleaning formula


EW80 clean is a compound for the cleaning of technical equipment made of metal, plastic, rubber, neoprene, etc.


Particular emphasis was made on its biodegradability, skin and mucous membrane compatibility and surface protection of materials.


Application spectrum: Application spectrum Suits, Jackets, regulators, mouthpieces, breathing masks, protective suits, gloves, hoses and other sensitive materials may easily and thoroughly be cleaned with EW80 clean before disinfection.



High environmental compatibility


EW80 clean is extremely compatible with the environment. It does not contain any hazardous substances and is only in the purposes of the CLP Regulation marked with an exclamation point. Modern surfactants in high concentration without aggressive chemicals allow high dirt- dissolving power with even the lowest concentration. The Only 1 - 2% EW80 clean-solution may be introduced ecologically safe as the active washing agents, according to the OECD screening test, are over 90% degradable.



Value for the Money


EW80 clean is effective even when used in a solution of 1%.  100 liters of effective cleaning solution can be made with 1 liter of EW80 clean.


A small investment for the care of your valuable equipment!



Easy to use


EW80 clean is soluble immediately in cold water and may be used: either in an immersion bath for several devices or objects or with a spray bottle. A sponge may be used for hard-to-remove oily stains. After only a few minutes, the disinfection will be completed.


The already cleaned parts should then be thoroughly rinsed in clear water and disinfected according the instructions in combination with EW80 des.


And if you want to make it even more convenient: use our EW80 clean foam in the washing machine.


Thus you will always be on the hygenically safe side!

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